South Asian Film, Arts and Literature Festival

May 20 & 21

Film Screening Ho Gana Pokuna (The Singing Pond) + Q&A

One day, a new teacher, Uma, arrives at a primary school in a remote little village in Sri Lanka. With Uma's help, her little pupils learn not to be afraid of dreaming big. One morning, little Upuli, who is blind, shares her unseen dream with her friends. It becomes the unseen dream, not only in the eyes of the little ones, but also in the eyes of the entire village. The perils that the children and Uma encounter in their venture to realize this dream, and their determination to triumph, is portrayed through the innocence of childhood and the harsh reality of village life. This single dream gives rise to a little revolution, stirring up the quiet village, as it has never experienced before.

2 hr (2015) Sri Lanka Drama, Family, Musical Director: Indika Ferdinando

This event will be followed by a Question and Answer session by industry professionals

Please note that there is a no refund policy for this event