South Asian Film, Arts and Literature Festival

May 20 & 21

Film ScreeningTezaab (Acid) + Q&A

Shyamlal (Anupam Kher) is a gambling alcoholic, who finances his carefree lifestyle by exploiting the singing and dancing talents of his daughter Mohini (Madhuri Dixit).  But his debts catch up with him when the underworld boss Lotiya (Kiran Kumar) kidnaps Mohini.  Mohini's friend Jyoti (Suparna Anand) witnesses the kidnapping and sends for her brother Mahesh (Anil Kapoor), who had been Mohini's college classmate and beau, to come rescue her.  There is just one problem:  Mahesh is now a gangster known as Munna, wanted by the police and banned from the city.  Police Inspector Gagan Singh (Suresh Oberoi), who remembers Mahesh from his pre-crime days as a promising young naval cadet, captures him, and after listening to the story of how he became a banished criminal, strikes a deal with him - Inspector Singh will look the other way for 24 hours, to give Munna  a chance to save Mohini.  In return, Munna must return to his upstanding, law-abiding ways.

This event will be followed by a Question and Answer session by industry professionals

Please note that there is a no refund policy for this event