South Asian Film, Arts and Literature Festival


Hiren Patel

Hiren was born and grew up in India and now work and live in Sydney. For eight years, he has been painting professionally and exhibiting throughout Australia and overseas. He studied oil painting under the renowned artist, John Perkins. He chose to paint with oils for their versatility. They can be exploited by using different viscosities and drying times. In fact, their possibilities are endless.

His painting methods are based on the 19th century realists and impressionists. He employs the ‘Alla Prima’ technique. Hiren has won many awards, in 2017, he won Delaney Kelly Golding Award, First Prize, Oil/Acrylic, Combined Art Societies of Sydney and in 2016 First Prize, Oil Paintings, Parramatta Open Awards.

His objective is to paint without being obvious by applying brushwork, drips, dots, scratches, emulsions of paint to create a picture. The never ending search for inspiration keeps him experimenting and exploring with various aspects of painting. That is why it is said  "Art is truly a lifetime process that never ends; it's way of life.”