South Asian Film, Arts and Literature Festival


Francine Haywood

Francine is a jeweller by profession and feels incredibly lucky to have discovered traditional Indian painting and her teacher Master Ajay Sharma 6 years ago. She decided to go study with him in Jaipur and fell in love with this art! Francine developed a passion for miniature and slowly became fascinated by the variety of its themes and patterns, and the intricacy of its details Francine, now spends one month every year practising and studying at Ajay’s studio.

She is taught the traditional way she has been painting mostly from ancient models in different styles (Mughal, Kangra, Pahari…), but she has been doing some of her own work as well. Her original work is based on warp and weft-like lines, thin veils which hide and reveal but also remind us that we are all linked and part of the fabric of life.

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