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Ana Tiwary

Ana is a film and TV director/producer with several years of experience in bringing diverse stories to Australian and international screens.

Ana has worked on Bollywood films (India), at National Geographic Channels (Washington DC), and has directed several documentaries for ABC TV (Australia). Ana received the gold medal for her Bachelors in Film & Video and holds Masters degree in English Literature and Film. Born in India, Ana has also lived/worked in Germany, Canada, West-Africa and the US, and for the past ten years has called Sydney home.

Ana served on the Women in Film & TV NSW committee for six years and founded their Mentorship program. In 2015, she was selected for Screen Producers Australia’s “Ones to Watch” program and Ana is a full member of the Australian Directors Guild. This year, she was selected for the Seeing Ourselves: Developing the Developer organised by Screen Australia.

Ana is passionate about telling rich untold Australian stories that bring gender, racial and cultural diversity to our screens. She is always keen to collaborate with authors and screenplay writers from diverse backgrounds.